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From Φιλώντας τη Νανά

Φιλώ τη Νανά (Kissing Nanà)
(Vocals: Christella Demetriou; Music: Pavlos Andronikos; Lyrics: Sotiris Vaskos)

Να ’τανε καλοκαίρι (If Only It Were Summer)
(Vocals: Helen Sinis; Music: Pavlos Andronikos; Lyrics: Joanna Liakakou)

Απέναντι απ’ το τζάκι (By the Fireplace)
(Vocals: Helen Sinis; Music: Pavlos Andronikos & Sevaste Vassos; Lyrics: Dina Kalos)

Θα δεις! (You’ll See!)
(Music, Lyrics, & Vocals: Pavlos Andronikos)

From In a Strange Land / Επί Γης Αλλοτρίας

Στο μπαλκονάκι σου (On Your Balcony)
(Vocals: Archie Argyropoulos, Helen Sinis; Music: Pavlos Andronikos; Lyrics: Ekaterini Mpaloukas)

Με του καημού τα χείλη (With the Lips of Heartache)
(Vocals: Helen Sinis, Markos Markou; Music: Pavlos Andronikos; Lyrics: Michalis Pais)


Their finest hour (Η πιο ωραία τους στιγμή)

Anatolian Blues (Ανατολίτικο μπλουζ)

Zeibekiko of Nostalgia (Ζεϊμπέκικο νοσταλγίας)

Zeibekiko of Joy (Ζεϊμπέκικο χαράς)


Λάθος αριθμός (Wrong Number) live version
(Music: Pavlos Andronikos; Lyrics: Erma Vasiliou)

Λάθος αριθμός (Wrong Number) demo instrumental version

Στο μπαλκονάκι σου (On Your Balcony) demo version
(Vocals: Pavlos Andronikos; Music: Pavlos Andronikos; Lyrics: Ekaterini Mpaloukas)

So Bored! (Blues Jam)
(Saxophone, Clarinet: Tony Wright; Guitar, Exclamations: Tim Dowdall; Drums: Steve Moger; Bass: Pavlos Andronikos.)


In most cases, these are not the perfect recordings I dream of creating one day, using real musicians and real instruments. Rather, what is offered here, for the time being, is demo recordings produced in a home studio with limited resources—computers, software, a number of synths, and a MIDI guitar—so please make allowances. Think of the less-polished recordings as audible scores, enhanced in some cases by really fine guest singers.



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