Greek-Australian Songwriters: A Discography

by Pavlos Andronikos



Originally published in Antipodes vol. 37/38, pp. 81-89, 1995.
This is a slightly revised version which, in time, will include an Addenda section listing recordings released after 1995.

The following discography is the fruit of research still in progress, and cannot pretend at this stage of the research to be exhaustive. I publish it in the hope that it will be useful to other researchers and to anyone else interested in Greek-Australian music, but also in the hope that readers will assist my research by informing me of any published recordings not listed below. The criteria for inclusion in the discography are 1) that the recordings have to have been made available to the public, even if only through private distribution, and 2) that they be recordings of compositions by Greek-Australians.

In most cases where a recording has been published as a vinyl or a compact disc, a cassette tape recording will also have been published. However I have only indicated the publication of a cassette tape recording as well as a disc where I am certain that this is the case.


Music and Lyrics in Print

Pavlos Andronikos
Monash University