The Antipodean Palette Exhibition 2012

Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon Street, Carlton
19 July to 5 August 2012.

Invitation Card

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All pictures © Pavlos Andronikos. All Rights Reserved.

Artistic Statement?

Be assured that I do not have an artistic agenda, and that I am not aware of any desire within myself to communicate deep meanings through pictures. I create pictures for the pleasure it brings me. If what I make when I play with images, shapes, and colours also brings pleasure to others, then I am pleased—very pleased in fact—but that pleasure is secondary, a mere by-product.

When a picture is finished, I find myself in much the same position as any other viewer. I wonder what the image might be saying to me and about me. My conclusions may lead to a title for the picture, and that title may be evocative of meaning, but titles are an afterthought, the picture always came first.

What I have discovered about myself from thinking about my pictures is that I like bright colours, I like the way the light comes from the picture when it is seen on a computer screen, and I particularly like those pictures that are a touch unrealistic, or that distort reality in some way. For me much magic lies in the creation of scenes that could not exist in real life; that are entirely new images to be added to the archive we store in our memories. If you begin to see in your dreams weeping statues, chapel roofs open to the sky, and lizards climbing up giant licorice cubes which may or may not be an alien invasion fleet in friendly disguise, I will be more than happy.

Pavlos Andronikos
8 July 2012

The Pictures


“Triptych For Madeline” by Pavlos Andronikos



“Mountain Mist” by Pavlos Andronikos



“Gulgurn Manja Shelter: Looking Out” by Pavlos Andronikos



“Gulgurn Manja Shelter: Reaching Out” by Pavlos Andronikos



“Licorice Fleet” by Pavlos Andronikos



“UFO” by Pavlos Andronikos



“Dancing Girl” by Pavlos Andronikos



“Acropolis” by Pavlos Andronikos



“Ocean Bay” by Pavlos Andronikos