My Dark Eyed Girl


A fairly free translation/rendition, from the Greek, of a popular Cypriot folk song.
A “Tillirkotissa” is a woman from the district of Tilliria in north west Cyprus.

You are a star, a small blue star,
      circled by seven planets,
and your gentle words and tender look
      have touched me to the heart.

They went and told the lovesick girl
      that soon I would be leaving,
and she cast a spell upon the sea
      and summoned up a tempest.

And when I said farewell to her
      she gazed at me with sorrow,
and cried a pool of tears for me,
      for anguish at our parting,

Damn those who say that honey’s sweet,
      they don’t know what they’re saying,
the sweetest thing in the whole wide world
      is the kiss of a girl who wants you.

Pavlos Andronikos